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In the heart of the American Midwest, the Bank of Farmington left an indelible mark on the town’s narrative. Nestled at 16 North Main Street in Farmington, Illinois, the bank was a pillar of financial security and community development for over a century.

Planting the Seed: 1903-1920

Established in 1903, the Bank of Farmington’s roots were intertwined with the growth and evolution of its hometown. Farmington was developing its own unique identity as the bank started its operations. The bank was there to provide support to local businesses, agricultural endeavors, and families, ensuring the town’s flourishing future.

Weathering the Storm: 1921-1945

During the Great Depression and World War II, the Bank of Farmington stood strong, helping Farmington’s residents navigate through turbulent times. The bank played a pivotal role in keeping the local economy afloat, even when nationwide economic upheavals shook many institutions to their core.

A Time of Growth: 1946-1980

In the post-war era, as Farmington embraced a period of expansion and modernization, the Bank of Farmington continued its unwavering support to the community. The bank was instrumental in shaping the town’s post-war development by financing housing, local businesses, and infrastructure projects.

Evolving with the Times: 1981-2018

The dawn of the digital age saw the Bank of Farmington evolve its traditional banking methods, embracing technological advancements to serve the community’s changing needs better. In 2018, in a bold step forward, the bank acquired Laura State Bank in Williamsfield, Illinois, further expanding its ability to serve the broader region.

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The legacy of the Bank of Farmington is a testament to its dedication and enduring impact on the community. From its early days in 1903 to its significant expansion in 2018, the bank’s history mirrors the growth and evolution of Farmington itself. Today, we honor its story and continue to remember its integral role in the town’s narrative, shaping its past and contributing to its future.

Bank of Farmington
16 North Main Street
Farmington, IL 61531